Your Farmers

Our CSA Farms

Barking Moon Farm

Melissa Mathewson and Josh Cohen

Barking Moon Farm is a certified organic farm located in the Thompson Creek watershed of the Applegate Valley in southwestern Oregon. Our family, comprised of Melissa, Josh, Everett (8) and Ava (4), is passionate about organic farming and the revitalization of community farming systems. We grow organic vegetables on 10 acres. We run a Winter Community Supported Agriculture program from December into February, sell to the Siskiyou Sustainable Cooperative CSA as well as sell produce at three farmers markets in the Rogue Valley. We also sell to local restaurants, caterers and grocery stores. We are interested in diversifying our farm in the coming years to add fruit, value added products, grains and dry beans and other specialty food crops to our winter CSA program with the intention of supplementing a family’s diet with other staples other than vegetables. Please visit us at

Dancing Bear Farm

Steve and Patricia Florin

We have 18.5 acres of flat, open land in the Williams Creek Valley, at the base of the Siskiyou Mountains. Dancing Bear Farm has been operating as an Oregon Tilth Certified Organic farm since its inception in 1998.   We have six acres under production with a variety of open-pollinated and heirloom vegetables, flowers, and herbs. In addition to being members of the Siskiyou Sustainable Cooperative, we participate in two farmers markets and grow certified organic seed for several companies.

Wandering Fields

Kristina Porter and Ben Yohai

Ben Yohai and Kristina Porter farm six acres in the beautiful Little Applegate Valley. With a sun-drenched south-facing field, they focus on nightshades, cucurbits, and storage crops, and look forward to expanding to include perennial crops, animals, and more…

L and R Family Farm

Liz and Ryan Dolan

Ryan Dolan, the “R” of L&R Family Farm, has been farming since the age of 20. Ryan is passionate about growing garlic, corn, melons and watermelons, and is always interested in ways to enhance the financially viability of small, family farms. Liz Baum, the “L” of L&R Family Farm, has been growing organic produce for sixteen years. Originally from New York City, Liz made her way out to the West Coast while following the Grateful Dead on their nation-wide tours. Liz is passionate about growing flowers, potatoes and kale.  She and Ryan, along with their two sons Milo and Jamie, are also raising sheep, cows and pigs.

Seven Seeds Farm

Don Tipping

Seven Seeds Farm is home to the seed company Siskiyou Seeds, which offers dozens of varieties of regionally-adapted, open-pollinated seeds for the home gardener and small-scale farmer.  In addition, we produce biodynamic fruits and vegetables and raise ducks, chickens, turkeys, and sheep. Seven Seeds hosts numerous on-farm classes and workshops in a variety of sustainable agriculture related topics.

Sun Spirit Farm

Michelle Bienick and Brian Hannagan

Surrounded by the Siskiyou mountains, Sun Spirit Farm is located in an open-minded rural town of sunny Southern Oregon.  We raise chickens, goats, and bees.  We also grow berries, fruit trees, and most annual veggies (specializing in tomatoes).  Our vision is to feed everyone living at our farm,  as well as grow for the Siskiyou Coop CSA, local restaurants, and markets.

White Oak Farm

Taylor Starr and Sarah Shea

Nestled into a northern fold of the Siskiyou mountains of Southern Oregon, White Oak Farm (WOF) is a small, non-profit farm-based education center. WOF is dedicated to cultivating connections between people and their local ecosystems by: Pursuing community food security, Fostering agricultural and ecological diversity, and Teaching the arts of sustainable living. On the Farm we grow fruits and vegetables using principles of permaculture, integrate animal husbandry into our production systems, and utilize natural materials to construct earthen buildings. White Oak Farm serves as a model of sustainable land use and living. Each year we host a variety of programs, including workshops, internships, apprenticeships, and camps for children.

Wolf Gulch Farm

Tom and Maud Powell

Wolf Gulch Farm is a certified-organic vegetable, fruit and seed operation in the Little Applegate Valley.  Tom and Maud Powell, along with their kids Grace (16) and Sam (12), have farmed Wolf Gulch for 13 years.  Beginning with minimal water and heavy clay soils, the Powells have used a combination of drip irrigation, soil building practices, and hard work to make the farm productive.  They sell fruits and vegetables through the Siskiyou Sustainable Cooperative CSA and produce seeds on contract for several seed companies across the country.  In addition, Tom and Maud coordinate the Coop’s CSA.

Specialty Item Producers

Mama Terra Micro Creamery

Robin and Gabe Clouser

Mama Terra is a family owned and operated micro creamery and Grade A goat dairy located in the Williams Valley. We handmake a variety of fresh and aged farmstead cheeses using milk from our small herd of Nubian Dariy Goats. Our animals are fed local, organic & “no-spray” hay along with organic grains. They are managed using natural practices that support animal, human and planetary health.

Rise Up! Artisan Bread

Jo Ferneau and Rosie Demmin

Our mission is to provide the Rogue River watershed with the best artisan bread they can imagine.  We are determined to use the best ingredients and maintain high quality standards in our bread-making technique. We maintain great rapport with customers and are open to feedback.