CSA Share Prices

Rogue Valley Prices

 Large Share $800 ($40 per box)

A large share typically provides a week’s supply of produce for a large family or three to four adults. For example, a large share in August might contain 10 tomatoes, 8 ears of corn, green beans, cucumbers, squash, two heads of lettuce, beets, carrots, fresh basil.

Small Share $600 ($30 per box)

This is perfect for small families or two adults. With a small share, you will receive fewer items and/or a smaller amount of an item than the large share.

Mini Share $360 ($18 per box)

The Mini share consists of 5-7 items and is ideal for one person.

Post-Season Share $150

Extend your season into November with a 4-week “post-season” share. The post-season boxes are  limited in number and come in the Small Share only.

CSA Payment Plan Available

You can set up a payment plan for the CSA program if that makes sense for you and your family. You can pay in three installments–the first third  is due with sign-up, the second third is due the following month, and the third payment is the month after that.