For members- Farmigo FAQs

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What is the Farmigo store?

 The Farmigo store is the online web store where extra products are listed each week as available (click here to visit store). The store is open every week during the CSA season from Friday morning at 9 am to Monday evening at 9 pm.  These items include bread, cheese, meat and extra veggies as available. Payment can be made in the form of Farmigo credits, credit, debit or bank check.

Where can I view what my subscription includes?

In the green box on the right side of your account home page, you will see a Summary of what you have ordered.  If you’d like to add an item to your subscription at any time, simply click on the “Add subscription” button and you will be able to view the items available. 

Is it necessary to pay in full upon joining?

No. You can pay in three installments; the first at the time of signing up; the second and third on the first day of the following two months.

What are my payment options?

You can pay by credit or debit card by entering in your card information.  You can pay by electronic check by entering in your bank information.  You can pay by personal check by sending it into 7000 Little Applegate Road, Jacksonville OR 97530.  If you have an EBT card, you can pay monthly.

I am going on vacation. How do I put my box on hold?

Log into Farmigo, click the button that says Deliver Hold and choose the dates you want to hold your box, then click SAVE.  This will automatically send Maud an email and she will issue you Farmigo credits which can be used to make future purchases.


I received an email that my payment failed. What do I do?

1.  Log in to Farmigo using your user name and password.
2.  Click on the blue button on the upper right corner of the overview page that says “Update Payment Details”
3.  Choose Electronic Check or Debit/Credit
4.  Follow the prompts to enter in the appropriate details for your method of payment. 

I have Farmigo credits that I would like to use to make a purchase from the farm store. How do I do that?

The Farmigo webstore is open every week from Friday morning at 9 am until Monday evening at 9 pm. Simply go into the store and order items from the store and chose your method of payment.

I have leftover Farmigo credits. Can I apply them to next year's subscription?

No. Farmigo credits cannot be carried over to the next season..

How do I make a payment?

Click on the blue Make Payment button on the right hand side of the page. Click the top button that says Select Automatic Payment amount. Click either the Electronic Check or the Debit/Credit Card option 4

Why is there a negative balance in the overview area?

 If you have subscribed for a season of deliveries, your balance will show the current amount owed for the season. If you see a negative balance, this indicates that you currently owe that amount to the Siskiyou Co-op.

What is Debit?

Items listed under Debit are transactions that debit money from your account including subscription payments and payment for extra items purchased during an order period.

What is Credit?

Items listed under Credit are payments that you’ve made to purchase your share or to add money to the balance of your farm account.

How do I reach Maud and the Siskiyou Co-op for assistance with Farmigo or making payments?

email to or call 541-899-9668.  Mail can also be sent to: SSC CSA 7000 Little Applegate Rd. Jacksonville, OR 97530

How do I change my email, password or other contact information?

Log into your account and click the “Contact” tab. You can update your information here.  You can also add a secondary member to your account, and even make sure that person gets copied on emails from the farm.

Where is my pick-up site?

You should have received an email at the beginning of the season with the address of your pick up site.  You can also view your pick up location by clicking on the “Pick up directions” tab on your Farmigo account page.

How do I change my pick up site?

You should have received an email at the beginning of the season with the address of your pick up site. You can also view your pick up location by clicking on the “Pick up directions” tab on your Farmigo account page.

I am an employee in the CSA to Workplace program. What is my discount and how do I get it?

You will receive a 5% discount upon enrollment using your discount coupon code. Ask Maud for your discount code.  If you are an employee of Asante, you can sign up for the Asante payment plan in which bi-weekly payments will be taken off your credit or debit card or through a bank check on the Monday following receipt of your paycheck.

I am enrolled as a member with an Asante employee benefit discount. Is it possible to have my payment deducted from my paycheck?

We do not have payroll deduct available for this program and Maud can let you know what the payment options are and how much it will be per pay period. If you go online to sign up, you can select your preferred box size and location and then on the payment page you can select the button for Asante members. You will then add your credit card/debit or bank information, and Maud will manually enter a bi-weekly withdrawal that coincides with your pay period.

Is there a drop point in Ashland for Asante members?

Asante does not currently have their own Ashland drop point. Members who would like to pick up near the hospital should choose the North Ashland drop point, which is near the hospital.

I am part of the CSA to Workplace program and I did not receive my 5% discount when I joined. Can you apply that to my subscription now?

Yes, simply email Maud ( and she will apply a credit to your Farmigo account which can be used to make future purchases from the farm store.