Siskiyou Cooperative Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do with my CSA box if I am out of town on delivery day?

If you are out of town, you can have a friend or neighbor pick up your box of you can
email the CSA coordinator and request to have your box donated to a local food bank.
If you do have friend pick up your box, please make sure that they understand the
protocol for box pickup

There are certain vegetables I cannot eat or do not prefer. Can I custom order my box?

Unfortunately, with so many members, we are unable to customize your box. We
suggest sharing produce that you cannot or do not prefer to eat with your friends and
neighbors. We also provide excellent recipes that may change your mind about certain

What if I forget my box?

We send out a reminder email the day before each delivery as a way to help you avoid
forgetting your box. We ask our drop point hosts to hold your box for one full day
after delivery. If you have not contacted the CSA coordinator or picked up your box
within a day of delivery, the drop point host can distribute or use your produce.

What if I receive produce that is of inferior quality?

We make every effort to ensure high quality in the produce we deliver through strict
quality standards. However, if you are unsatisfied with any of our produce, email or call
the CSA coordinator and we will replace the item in your next box.

How many people does each of the three box sizes feed?

We recommend the mini share for a single person or a couple that eats a minimal
amount of produce. The small share is ideal for a couple or small family, while the
large share feeds a family of 5-6 or a couple whose diet is primarily vegetable-based.

What is I am unsatisfied with the CSA or I am moving away in the middle of the season?

CSAs depend on members making a commitment for an entire season. However, if you
are moving away unexpectedly or are unsatisfied with the CSA, we will refund the
remainder of your share.

How do you price your CSA?

Each week, we determine the fair market value for each item of produce in your CSA
box. We keep careful track of the value of your box each week, and make certain that
by the end of the season, you have received at least the full value of your CSA share.

Why is organic food more expensive than conventional food?

The main reason that organic food is more expensive than conventional food is the
cost of labor. Conventional farmers use a wide range of chemical herbicides to control
weeds, while organic farmers primarily rely on human labor for weed management.

How do I know that the produce I get is truly organic?

All of the produce growers for the Siskiyou Sustainable Cooperative are certified
organic through the National Organic Program standards.

Will I have a chance to visit the farms?

During the course of the season, we host an annual Farm Day along with additional
events on our various member farms.

I would like to join the CSA, but can’t afford to.

We offer a payment plan for members who cannot afford to pay the full cost upfront. In addition, we can accept payment with the Oregon Trail card.

Are there opportunities to do a partial worktrade for membership?

Because we are a cooperative CSA, we cannot accommodate worktrades in exchange
for CSA membership payments. However, individual farms may be willing to trade work
for produce.

Will I get all of the produce listed in the harvest calendar?

We assign 2-4 growers to each item of produce listed in the harvest calendar to
minimize the risk of crop failure. In the unlikely event of a coop-wide crop failure, we
will replace that item with a similar crop.