Winter Snow Makes the Veggies Grow

Winter Greetings to you all! Last week’s storms left our farm buried in sixteen inches of snow! Like many of you, we were stuck at home for several days straight and did our best to enjoy the winter wonderland outside. In terms of impact on the farm, the heavy snows are a great blessing to us. The thick blanket of snow is seeping into the water table and filling our ponds up as it melts. Also, the multiple days of sub-freezing temperature helps to break up insect life cycles, which probably means fewer pests this growing season.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to sign up for this year’s Siskiyou Coop CSA program, beginning on either June 1st or June 8th. We are offering an early bird discount of 5% if you join before March 1st. Just use the code “earlybird” to receive your discount.

Stay warm!

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