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Organic Produce From Our Fields to Your Table

We have over 200 produce shares available for the current season through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Increasingly, people want to know where their food comes from and how it is grown. The CSA connects consumers directly to local organic farmers. As a CSA member, you can support local farms by investing in shares of the upcoming harvest and receive a weekly supply of high quality, fresh organic produce.

How it works

Once a week, your produce box is delivered to a pick up point in your town. You transfer the produce into your own container. We pick up the empty boxes and deliver again to the drop off point the following week. You will enjoy a bounty of delicious vegetables, herbs, and fruit throughout the season (Click here to see our harvest calendar). The season’s produce deliveries will begin in early June and will extend into October. During the harvest season, we post a weekly update on our website which includes recipes, descriptions of what’s in your box, and news from the farms. If you are away on a delivery date, simply arrange for a friend or neighbor to pick up and/or use your produce.

Pick Up Your Box – Locations

The exact pick up days and times are explained to you when you join the program.

Strength Through Diversity

The farmers of Siskiyou Sustainable Cooperative grow high quality produce without chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. With several farms growing a wide variety of crops, the chances for a major crop failure are minimal; however, if a specific crop does fail, CSA members and farmers share in the loss.

Eat in Season

On any given week, your produce will contain what is being harvested at the farms. Boxes in late summer will contain more than boxes in early June (see harvest calendar). Your freshly harvested fruits and vegetables will be healthy, clean, and delicious, and your food dollars will stay local.

Questions: Call 541-899-9668 and ask for Maud.


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